meet monica

my soul’s journey

I am an only child.
Independent, creative, sensitive, with a big imagination, and a huge heart.
Much of my childhood was spent around adults, usually being the only kid at gatherings.
Many times in conversation people would be surprised at what they would share with me, and at my very mature responses.
I am an old soul.
As a young adult I was always intrigued by astrology and card reading.
Several friends were astrologers and card readers.
Every so often they would bring me into their realm.
I was always drawn in by a world I could not see but could sense.
Much of my interest in things spiritual or creative took a back seat to careers, marriages, and business demands.
I sought fulfillment in all the usual external activities, travel, parties, and socializing.
However, because I was not in tune with my own authenticity these interactions never seemed to bring me what I was seeking.
I had become disconnected. I was not living my best life.

One day several years ago the universe sent me a message.
It was crystal clear.
Time to take a good look in the mirror and give my soul what it needed – truth.

I began my life of sobriety and recovered my connection, transforming my life from stress and depression into peace and freedom.
Helping other women in recovery comes natural to me as I understand the journey intimately.
Always an artist of sorts my entire life.
My creativity has grown and transformed over the last few years through a process of mixed media artwork therapy.
The joy of sharing and now selling my artwork around the world is deeply fulfilling.
Intuitive artwork is part of my soul coaching practice.
Over seven years ago I was given a deck of Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards as a gift and have been doing readings ever since.
Much of my time and energy has been directed into my cards and the creation of sacred space within as well as around them.
While listening to my souls truth I have stepped into my authenticity. I spent time, resources and energy engaging a powerful mentor that opened up a path I recognized. I faced my shadows and we danced. I came out the other end with wisdom, calm, and balance.
As a Soul Coaching Practitioner with The Linn Academy, I am offering that same energy to you. To open that door and walk that path for a journey toward peace and freedom.
I look forward to helping anyone who seeks to gain better self understanding.
To recover your connection to your soul as I have.

Monica GalliMonica Galli, Soul Coach
Monica GalliMonica Galli, Soul Coach