I am an only child and an old soul. Very creative and imaginative.

Most of my adult life I had a career in banking. I advanced through the ranks, grew into a leader, and used what I learned to grow my own business. I’m thankful to all the women who propelled themselves up the corporate ladder before me, making my journey just that bit easier.

Over a decade ago I helped my husband rescue and grow our family business. I am extremely proud of that and of our business which provides for a dozen families.

I am a soul coach, recovery coach, mixed media artist, oracle card reader, and Breathwork facilitator. I have a talent for feng shui, clutter clearing, and creating spirit dolls. I also play singing bowls and love dancing sober!

I am a woman in long term recovery from complex childhood trauma which manifested itself in disordered eating habits and alcohol misuse.

Once I made the connection with other women in recovery I started to heal. After I learned how to listen to my soul’s truth I was able to transform my life.

Now in a semi-retired state I’ve taken the time and energy to pay it forward by becoming a coach. To share what I have learned on this journey and help others. When someone tells me I have made a difference for them, I am lifted up and energized with purpose! A life that has purpose. This for me is living in my authenticity. Giving in order to receive through connection and transformation.

Bachelor of Science Communications • Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner ®️ • Certified SheRecovers ®️Coach • Certified Life Coach • Certified Recovery Coach