Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
11am – 5pm

Space is limited

Learn how to integrate different Soul Coaching tools and techniques into your everyday life. Nurture your strength of spirit and discover your authentic self.

This day includes:

Guided Meditation to connect you with your souls truth and set the tone for the day’s journey.

Feng-Shui for the Soul: house tour and tips to help connect your physical environment with your spiritual essence and desires.

A healthy and nurturing lunch, snacks, and refreshments.

Embodiment Ceremony: a sacred practice of blessing. You will learn how to infuse your body with the highest vibrations of love so that it becomes the temple space of your soul.

Individual Astrological Birth Charts: explore your unique cosmic blueprint, bringing insights into the nature of your identity, essence, inner emotional world, the way you are perceived by others, and soul’s purpose.

Spirit Doll Creation for intention setting and connection to a remembrance which will support you in your sacred space.

Guidance in the use of Essential Oils: a demonstration on how to unblock, balance, and align your chakras with pure, high vibrational essential oils.

Insight into your Akashic Records: gain wisdom and know-how on accessing and trusting the wisdom and guidance of your records.

Healing Breathwork session to help integrate all of the day’s soul coaching sessions, allowing space to connect with spirit on a deep level.

All leading to the connection of what your soul wants you to know.

Sacred items of the day you will be taking home:
Your very own Embodiment Kit. Individual Birth Chart. Spirit Doll. Essential Oils. Trio of Crystals.

Charlotte Eléa Dovechild
Magdalene Priestess and Spiritual Transformation Guide
Abbie Coe
Astrologer with Masters Degree in Depth Psychology
Kyla Worthen-Hall
Essential Oil Specialist & Childbirth Guide
Cassandra McCall
Akashic Records Practitioner, Teacher & Intuitive Guide
Monica Galli
Soul Coach, Recovery Coach & Healing Breathwork Facilitator