As a complex trauma survivor and woman in long term recovery I have made this journey and am ready to assist you with yours.
Recovery coaching is different from traditional therapy.
I am not a therapist and I don’t assess or treat my clients.
We aren’t going to be dredging up past trauma and analyzing it.
What we will do is collaborate and uncover things that may be holding you back.
We will hone in on your strengths and nurture them in order to help you be a success and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

If you are ready to take action and stop the struggle, and desire more balance in your life. We can work together to find healthier and more fulfilling coping mechanisms for you. I work with each client on an individual basis. Everyone’s journey is unique. Using self discovery tools we will set goals to help create change. As your coach I will provide support and accountability.

I offer six week coaching packages. We connect once a week for in person or via zoom for about an hour. This package includes a daily email for steady connection.

Cost $396


Sharing Circles

In-Person Sharing Circle
Once a Month

Coming 2023

In the meantime please join in on a SheRecovers online zoom meeting. Hosted by certified SheRecovers coaches including yours truly! They are open every day at 9am and 5pm PST. Here is the link: