soul coaching® events

nurturing spirit weekend retreat

Discover your authentic self and bring balance to your everyday life.
Enjoy a nurturing atmosphere over a long weekend. The ultimate in “me time”.
Connecting to the elements of air, water, fire, and earth.
Guided modalities which include, sound healing, breathwork, meditation, intuitive art, ceremony, and ritual. All leading to the connection with what your soul wants you to know.
Healthy meals and quiet time to reflect on my lovely 2.5 acre private and serene property.

Groups limited to 3 ladies
Price per person $600


spirit doll workshop

coming spring 2021

Groups limited to 6 ladies*
Price per person $44
*adults only

A small gathering of women utilizing ritual and ceremony to help set intentions that will open up creativity in making and energizing spirit dolls. A personal journey within to express and manifest love and light in our lives through the doll making process and beyond. Take home a very personal and empowering treasure for yourself and your sacred space.