Healing From Within

S O U L   •   R E C O V E R Y   •   H E A L I N G

In order to lead the most authentic and fulfilling life, we need to balance our souls inner wisdom with the challenges presented to us everyday in our outer world.

As a Healing Facilitator I use my experience to help guide you and hold you on your  path of discovery.

As a Soul Coaching Practitioner ®️ I can help you uncover your soul’s truth.

As a SheRecovers ®️ Coach I can help you recognize that truth and use it as a tool in your recovery journey.

As a Healing Breathwork Facilitator I will hold you while you journey into your own power.

Nurturing strength of spirit is at the core of all my healing and coaching practices. What this means is that each person has the opportunity to grow spiritually from my offerings. To step outside the everyday and move into something much deeper and more meaningful.

Graduate of David Elliott’s Healer Training
Levels 1-5 Breathwork Healing