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Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader

My path involves being of service to others by helping them connect to their inner wisdom and transform their lives using oracle cards, guided meditations, sound and reiki healing.

My focus is to help others nurture strength of spirit through a transformational journey to connect with your soul.

The soul loves the truth.

Many times Soul Coaching® will open doors of discovery in helping you find your personal truths and manifest peace and freedom in your daily life.

Soul Coaching® is not therapy which focuses on emotional healing. It is also different from life coaching which usually focuses on a goal. Soul Coaching® is different as its primary goal is to clear away debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom.


Join me for a Soul Coaching® Session and find out what your soul wants you to know.


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“Monica is all heart! I immediately felt welcomed and nurtured in her presence. She is both full of joy and light but can also be serious and grounding. She is very gifted with her craft and very intuitive. Her laughter is infectious. You will have. No choice but to feel her loving spirit while in her presence. I felt like her whole heart was open when she was guiding me. I felt nurtured and like she genuinely cared and wanted to help. Such a beautiful spirit! I recommend Monica without hesitation.”

-Sarah L.
Phoenix, Arizona
Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist

“Monica is a wise woman. With her beautiful spirit she can ‘read’ and ‘feel’ our souls. She listens with her heart and with such compassion, sending her light into your life. I am so grateful to have shared my experiences with her and enjoyed her sparkling and healing energy. She is an amazing soul coach.”

-Fernanda F.
San Paulo, Brazil
Physical Therapist, Holistic Healer

“I had my first ever card reading by Monica. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised at how calming the reading was. She had the table elegantly displayed and was very thorough in her reading. Most importantly, her readings matched what was going on in my life at the time. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience and you will be too.”

South Jordan, Utah

“Monica is a delight. Her calming presence immediately puts you at ease and opens you up to the messages she so skillfully presents. My reading was relaxing and encouraging. The cards presented and Monica’s interpretation, gave me the push I needed to change the course of my future. Everything that came up was true for me, depicting my past and recent changes I had made, right down to the lost passions I have up until now been pushing away.

If you are looking for some direction or simply confirmation you are heading in the right direction, I highly recommend a reading from Monica.”

Toronto, Canada

“I have done two readings with Monica and both of them were outstanding. Monica is very intuitive and I was honestly surprised how spot on she was while interpreting and explaining the cards and how they apply to me. Monica and I had only met recently and she didn’t know any personal information about me. I was at first a little skeptical but I quickly realized that Monica has a true gift and was able to provide a lot of thought-provoking insight. She is also very warm and welcoming and I felt instantly very comfortable with her. I really appreciate her deep understanding of the cards and the wisdom she provided. Thanks so much, Monica. I hope to be back soon.”

Atascadero, California

“From the first time I met Monica, I knew I was in the presence of a woman who truly embodies the Mother Archetype. Her heart of gold embraces you and the twinkle in her eye reveals the grandeur of her Soul.

Along with her loving and gentle nature, Monica reveals a warrior nature through her intense commitment to the Soul Coaching® program. Her desire to grow and become the highest version of herself is contagious.

As an artist, Monica brings a creative layer of beauty to everything she does, and that beauty heals the Soul.

With a private and professional life full of responsibilities, she still managed to complete and go beyond what was required in the program.

Monica is a jewel and a dedicated Soul Coaching® Practitioner. She is the loving warrior you have been waiting for. Monica will assist you to nurture strength of spirit and deepen the connection to your Soul.”

-Maria McGonigal, OURO LLC
Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer

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