Nurture Strength of Spirit


S O U L   •   R E C O V E R Y   •   H E A L I N G

In order to lead the most authentic and fulfilling life, we need to balance our souls inner wisdom with the challenges presented to us everyday in our outer world.

As a Soul Coaching Practitioner ®️ I will help you uncover your soul’s truth. As a SheRecovers ®️coach I will help you recognize that truth and use it as a tool in your journey toward long term recovery.

Nurturing strength of spirit is at the core of all my coaching practices. Coaching is very different than therapy. We do not focus on the past, or give out advice. What I will do is ask you to take a look and find answers to your own questions. To walk beside you on your path to self love and a life of freedom and peace.

In the circle of self awareness together we can develop a plan that works for you consistently. Over time and with patience you will be able to stand strong and weather any storm that might come, with awareness and compassion.

Recovery can be anything you need to move away from in order to create the life you really want. To give yourself the best chance at the most authentic and fulfilling life you can lead. It is unique to each person.

Graduate of David Elliott’s Healer Training
Levels 1-5 Breathwork Healing