Healing Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork Healing

If you are looking to make a shift of any kind or seeking insight on the path ahead, breathwork is the most powerful healing modality I have found. It clears subconscious blocks to help in the manifestation of deep inner knowing.

It truly lifts the veil and reveals the steps we need to take towards our expansion. I’ve incorporated it into my recovery and soul coaching programs for several years now.

If you are unsure whether you’ve tried this particular type of breathwork,
chances are you haven’t.

This form of breathwork can get your energy moving very quickly. It consists of a 3-part breath that allows for oxygen to travel through your chakras by activating your nervous system. When this energy is moving, and the chakras open the emotions move freely creating a pathway for connection to your spiritual essence. When this connection is established, healing occurs.

The thinking mind shuts off as we concentrate on the rhythm of our breathing. Powerful physical shifts occur, and the channels open for higher insight in a unique and grounded way. As we activate our delta and theta brain waves, we stimulate the pineal glad (third eye) to the ethereal.

It’s not uncommon to receive messages from loved ones who have transitioned, your spirit team or insight into a higher self about the next steps to take along your path! The heightened mind state also allows you to surpass the conscious mind and not only reach but also shift the subconscious.

While everyone’s breathwork journey is different, the transformational potential within this method is profound. I am an intuitive space holder.

Each session flows to a very specific music playlist which I have prepared personally. During your session you will be laying down and comfortable on a yoga mat with pillows and blankets. Active breathing is for approximately 25 minutes with at least 10 minutes of relaxation and more time for integration. While active breathing takes place I will offer affirmations, reiki beaming, and essential oil spray while holding space for you and offering assistance as needed.

During the relaxation and integration period I play my singing bowls for you.

There is more you are capable of in your life. That is why you are here.

I have been trained in all levels as a Breathwork Healer by David Elliott who cultivated this particular breathwork method over 20 years ago.

My purpose is to hold space for you with compassion and without judgement. I have healed much darkness within myself and because of this I am available to hold this space for you.

My goal is to spread knowledge of this work and inform people as to how they can access this healing for themselves anytime they want. To make us all better humans and by doing this make the world a better place. Breath by Breath.