Many times Soul Coaching® will open doors of discovery in helping you find your personal truths and manifest peace and freedom in your daily life.

Soul Coaching® is not therapy which focuses on emotional healing.
It is also different from life or recovery coaching which usually focuses on a goal. Soul Coaching® is different as its primary goal is to clear away debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom.

Oracle Card Readings

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Past and current situations, influences and obstacles, with likely outcomes.

Soul CoachingⓇ Oracle Card Readings are not the same as Tarot card readings. Connecting with me and my cards allows you to see more clearly what your soul wants you to know. I am intuitive and have worked at developing my skills to help bring clarity for you if you are open to it. I am not a psychic and cannot predict events. The answers my cards present come from your own inner wisdom. My gift is connecting with you and choosing the cards that you need to see.

Spirit Doll Workshops

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A small gathering utilizing ritual and ceremony to help set intentions that will open up creativity in making and energizing spirit dolls. A personal journey within to express and manifest love and light in our lives through the doll making process and beyond. Take home a very personal and empowering treasure for yourself and your sacred space.